(Review originally written at 14 July 2009)

This horror movie is quite typical for '40's standards. Horror movies from the '40's were often movies that were slow in its build up and also most often picked a realistic approach, with its unlikely subjects. It also often implied more than it actually showed on the screen. "Isle of the Dead" is just a movie like that and for the fans of the genre simply a great one to watch.

The concept is kept quite simple but it works out effective, when a small group needs to remain in quarantine on an island, when a mysterious deadly plague suddenly sets in. The movie often implies a lot and the movie spend most of its time building up things, which in the long run might make this movie a bit unsatisfying for the average viewer (because not a lot is happening) but for those who are familiar and like these type of movies it's quite rewarding movie. Certainly not the best that the genre has to offer but it's simply all good enough.

Of course the movie is also being uplifted by the fact that it has Boris Karloff in the main lead. Once again he proofs that he actually was a great actor, who got stuck in the horror genre. Who knows, maybe otherwise he would had been respected more for his talents, had he starred also in some acclaimed drama's and such.

It's a movie that relies mostly on its atmosphere and main concept and it does this well. "Isle of the Dead" might not be a classic, it certainly is still a fine example of '40's horror.


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