(Review originally written at 26 November 2007)

WW II comedies are a sort of a rare thing, as are war comedies in general. Guess it's still a sort of a touchy subject and also these sorts of movie normally don't do too well and aren't among the greatest. "Invasion Quartet" is a valor attempt and begins well and is filled with some great early silly British humor.

The movie mostly works out of course due to its great silly British comedy in it. It's so over-the-top and silly all that you can't help but laugh at it. The entire movie is filled with some great examples of this, as well with some silly over-the-top characters.

The movie is set in a army hospital for disabled soldiers but for some reason they are also all some serious nut cases. They're missing more than just a leg, hand or hearing.

The movie sort of starts to go downhill once the quartet embarks on their mission. You'll would expect for the movie to only get better by then but the humor gets less resourceful and the movie becomes a bit of a drag in parts.

When you're into British humor this is still a good enough watch though.


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