(Review originally written at 2 June 2008)

This movie is pure trash. The movie is a weird mixture of S&M and horror. '70's horror exploitation at its finest and purest form! It's weird, disgusting but yet also strangely amusing.

The movie is filled with torture sequences, which often involves both gore and graphic nudity. Normally when a movie gets banned I wonder why since its often nothing that bad but of this movie I can truly understand why it once got banned. The nudity or gore doesn't really feature a purpose because of the reason that the movie its story is almost totally existent and just a poor excuse for another exploitation movie. It on top of that really isn't anything mild and actually often sickeningly creative. Writer/director Joel M. Reed must really be one big S&M lover. How else can you come up with stuff like this? It's as if he put all of his weird sexual fantasies and other macabre fantasies in this movie.

It's trash '70's movie making so you can expect all of the usual bad elements, such as bad, often laughable, editing, lame dialog and actors no one has ever heard of and no one heard of ever since, bad sound and whatever more you could expect from a genre movie such as this.

At times it feels and looks as if your watching a porn movie instead. Yes, the movie is that explicit and graphic.

Yet despite, or perhaps very thanks to the movie all of its completely silliness and trashy way of film-making the movie becomes irresistibly amusing. It's sick and bad entertaining but it's entertainment nevertheless and I surely enjoyed watching this movie for what it was.

Really, '70's exploitation trash doesn't get much better than this!


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