(Review originally written at 22 May 2008)

Basically Derek Flint is the Austin Powers of the '60's without the silly over-the-top humor. Perhaps the Austin Powers movies also got somewhat based on the Flint movies and there are obviously some small references to it.

This movie is a James Bond satire on its own right. James Bond movies never really have been known for its strong feminist elements or strong female roles but in this movie it are the ladies who are trying to rule the world. The movie also features lots of other typical James Bond element such as of course lots of spy-elements, females in bikinis, a womanizing main character and silly gadgets and this all combined with an unmistakable '60's atmosphere and typical style of film-making. The '60's were perhaps not the best time period for film-making but it definitely was a colorful era, to say the least.

It's a good written spy-comedy with some fine characters and actors that are portraying them. Of course it's a silly comedy story but at least it's something original and also has some action thrown into it. It all helps to make the movie very amusing to watch.

Quite amazing that actors such as James Coburn and Lee J. Cobb are involved in a comedy such as this one. They are respected serious actors, especially Lee J. Cobb isn't exactly best known for his comical roles. There presence definitely uplifts the movie and makes it something special to watch.

It's simply a well made movie, with lots of professionals involved, which makes this movie work out so well and make it more than just another silly '60's comedy. Director Gordon Douglas had already 30 years of experience before he made this movie.

Definitely a fun recommendable comedy.


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