(Review originally written at 19 September 2009)

This movie isn't just being a straight-forward horror flick, it actually is a movie that got well written and relies more on its mystery and tension than on any gore or ordinary horror clich├ęs.

The story has a couple of nice twists to it and while watching this movie it becomes obvious that the writers really spend some time penning it down. The could had easily turned this piece into an ordinary standard haunted house flick but luckily they didn't. For the normal genre standards this is simply one fine and above all also original entry into the '50's horror genre.

But yes, the movie is still above all things a real horror flick and it also does have some good scares in it. Due to it's build up and also original approach of the genre, the horror gets made more powerful and it's moments work out better. '50's horror flick aren't exactly known for their subtlety or credibility but this movie does a great job at putting down a convincing movie with a good story and characters to enjoy.

It's a movie that is more light and more enjoyable to watch than the average genre attempt from the same era, without loosing any of its strength as an horror.

It's of course also true that the movie benefits from the presence of Vincent Price. This horror icon appeared in many movies like this throughout his career, also often portraying the same type of characters. Like always, he's giving away one fine performance in this movie.

Some moments in the movie still feel a bit awkward. Some events within the movie simply are just plain unlikely, as are some of the characters responses. The females do nothing but screaming all of the time...not really a movie feminist would like to see.

An enjoyable, well written, original horror-flick from the '50's, starring the great Vincent Price.


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