(Review originally written at 27 August 2009)

Hard to say why this movie is being said to be a remake of the 1933 movie "Mystery of the Wax Museum" and the 1953 one "House of Wax". It's only similar in title but its story and characters are all totally different. Seems like a cheap advertising trick, claiming this movie to be a remake of 2 classic fine genre movies. But oh well, having said that "House of Wax" isn't a too bad genre movie, even though it also hardly stands out.

It's a typical genre movie, that is being a teenage slasher flick, with all of the usual ingredients in it. It doesn't really try to stand out and more remains on the safe side. It's mostly the reason why "House of Wax" is being a very average movie to watch.

The movie drags on quite long in its first halve, that only seems to be in the movie to fill up its time. There is hardly anything happening in the first halve and it really takes its time to build up things and sets up its characters. It really isn't until the movie its second halve that the movie becomes a true slasher. It however also isn't the best slasher around, since the movie is lacking really in some good main characters. Instead it has far too many characters in it that are all too much alike each other.

It's a well made movie though, that is professionally looking and obviously cost a couple of hand full of dollars to make. It has a decent atmosphere, although the movie is being a bit too dark at times.

No, don't watch this movie expecting a couple of good and original scares or true great gory moments. As an horror movie it simply isn't being much good but as a slasher-flick it's simply decent enough.


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