(Review originally written at 23 August 2009)

It's actually so this movie works out better than the 1933 original, due to the fact that this movie is more being an horror. It has the right style and ingredients and gets supported by a great story and cast.

Basically this movie has everything in it a typical good '50's horror production should need. But what makes this movie better to watch than just the average genre movie entry from the same era is its compelling story, that perhaps is not typical horror-wise. It's also a bit of a tragic story with a tragic main character, just like is the case in "Phantom of the Opera", which is also an excellent horror story.

Yet the movie foremost remains an horror, much more than was the case with the original. In this movie the 'monster' or murderer is showed with his face already very early on in the movie. He does a lot more evil. Also with Vincent Price you have a great and classy villainous main character, who can act with any material.

Also look out for the still very young Charlies Bronson in a non-speaking role. He used to play lots of roles early in his career before really breaking through in the '60's.

The movie also has a great atmosphere that perhaps is a bit more classy than usual is the case with an '50's genre movie. Or this perhaps is also due to the fact that this movie has a better and more compelling story than usual, which uplifts the movie on basically every level. Funny fun about this movie as well is that this was the first ever 3-D movie. It's probably also part of the reason why this movie became such an huge financial success for the Warner Bros. Studios.

A great genre movie from the '50's!


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