(Review originally written at 7 March 2010)

This is a fun enough little movie to watch but for a comedy it certainly still isn't quite funny enough.

It's a bit of a lacking movie but nevertheless it's still one that flows well with its story and has some good characters in it as well. It just seems as if they forgot to put some more great jokes and comedy in the movie, which seems amazing from the guy who also thought up the story for "Blazing Saddles". But then again, he also did "Striptease" and the remake of "The In-Laws". I'm talking about Andrew Bergman here, who wrote and directed this movie and just doesn't seem to quite have the right skills and qualities for the genre. I mean, he can definitely write and tell a good story and he can handle some decent characters but he just can't quite seem to get a grip on the right tone and style for a comedy. The movie does have some fun and crazy moments in it but even when watching these moments you'll have the idea and feeling that if they had pushed it a bit further all this movie could had truly been hilarious. In this particular case it probably wouldn't had harmed the movie if they went a bit over-the-top with it all.

Nevertheless, it still really is a perfectly watchable movie that doesn't really ever bore and you'll simply have a good time watching it. It is still a movie with more hits than misses in it. Those hits just aren't very hard however.

It's of course also really a movie that gets made interesting by its cast. When you have a cast with Nicolas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker, James Caan and a strong supporting cast as well, you are of course quite blessed as a film-maker. Even though the genre isn't their strongest point (with the exception of Sarah Jessica Parker perhaps), they still make the movie a good watch with their performances.

A good enough movie to watch, though just nothing too impressive or memorable.


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