(Review originally written at 8 January 2007)

This really is a movie with a story you just couldn't care less about.

The movie had some good potential, with a couple of at that time well known actors appearing at a Hollywood party. Sounds like enough material to make a fun and good movie with. The movie however isn't that much fun as you would expect. It's totally uninteresting to follow, with a bunch of characters and different love stories you just don't care about. The movie gets still fun and is somewhat saved toward the ending of the movie when Mickey Mouse and Laurel & Hardy appear in the movie (yeah a weird combination I known).

The movie also features some horrible and typical signing and dancing routines that don't seem to end and at times go on for over 5 minutes. You know, songs that always sound the same and are about cheerful things, with lines that don't even sound musically. Thank goodness for the fast forward button.

It's a real waste of some good potential and some good actors. Obviously Laurel & Hardy are underused, also because at the beginning of the movie they are falsely presented as two of the main characters. Jimmy Durante is a good and fun actor but it just isn't enough to spice things up in the movie. Guess that the highlight of the movie really is the animated chocolate soldiers sequence, presented by Mickey Mouse himself, who also gives a pretty good Jimmy Durante imitation.

The move could had been so much more fun to watch but it still definitely has some moments in it that makes this movie a still perfectly watchable one.


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