(Review originally written at 22 March 2009)

Wes Craven's 1977 movie "The Hills Have Eyes" was a surprisingly great genre movie. When Craven needed cash he decided to make "The Hills Have Eyes Part II" in 1985. It's a rush job that is sloppy and lazy written and often feels and looks like a B-movie, with some bad pacing, ineffective build-up and lame characters and acting performance, also due to its writing.

What this sequel mostly does wrong is relies too much on its first movie. It needlessly features same characters and actors from the first movie and the movie is filled with countless flashbacks of events that happened in the first movie. This is a real cheap way of film-making of course and quite annoying if you have already seen the first movie.

It's not being very original on its own and it most importantly is ineffective as an horror movie. The way the overall story progresses just isn't that interesting and often too predictable. There is also too little happening and when there is something happening it isn't being very effective, due to its build-up and overall story.

The movie has lots of characters in it, which you never really get to care about and you are just waiting for them to die. The movie is also basically the one killing after the other but none of them are really original or surprising enough to leave a lasting impression on the fans of the genre.

No tension, no excitement, no originality. No reason to ever watch this movie really.


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