(Review originally written at 9 September 2008)

Wes Craven who directed the first two original The Hills Have Eyes movies and who produced the successful 2006 remake, wrote the screenplay for this sequel to the remake, together with his son Jonathan Craven. It's story is however one the problems of the movie. As a matter of fact, it's simply a bad written movie with also some real bad dialog in it. It picks such an uninteresting and also totally not original approach for e sequel. The 2006 movie "The Hills Have Eyes" also wasn't already a great written or original movie but at least it still got made interesting by its style and directing and some of its character.

Martin Weisz isn't really a well experienced or interesting director. Basically this movie is more of the same, only done worse. The movie doesn't seem to know how to create any good tension and a feeling of unease. It makes this movie ineffective as a modern horror and thriller movie. The movie thinks it can compensates for its lack in scares or story by adding a lot of gore. Needless to say that this just isn't quite the case. It's still good looking all but when the rest doesn't work out looks have no use. I'm even sorry to say that the movie becomes literally laughable bad at times.

I think that they tried to make an "Aliens" like sequel, with military personal battling the mutants this time, instead of civilians. It doesn't work out though, since the characters and situations just aren't good enough for that and the movie doesn't feature enough action to actually let it make sense that the movie features the military instead of some untrained civilians this time. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons why this movie doesn't work out as a tense one.

The movie also isn't being made exactly great by its actors. Yes, it of course is also due to the movie its bad writing- but also the actors just aren't obviously among the most talented ones within the business. You'll also have a hard time taking this movie and some of its moments serious due to the acting performances. All of the characters are just the same and also the actors can't distinct themselves.

It's just not exactly a movie that will ever grab you or makes you hold your breath or will put you on the edge of your seat. Too bad since its 2006 predecessor was so well made and effective. Please don't make a part III.


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