(Review originally written at 11 January 2010)

Of course the most originality from the first movie is gone in this movie but they still did a more than great job with its story. The movie still manages to become an original sequel thanks to its story and it prevents the movie from becoming just a rehash of the first movie.

It's a movie that picks different settings this time but still uses pretty much all of the characters from the first movie. Of course the movie also introduces some new characters and it explains more about the history and mystery of the cube and the its evil hellish characters, led by Pinhead. I love how some of the characters from the first movie suddenly and unexpectedly pop up and still serve a purpose within the movie as well.

The movie takes us more into the labyrinth this time which makes the movie perhaps too different from the fist movie and a bit overlong toward its end but it also still helps to make the movie interesting and helps you want to watch the other sequels as well, to find out more about this world and characters.

This time there is plenty of more gore, which no doubt was also due to the movie its higher budget this time. It's also pretty much really an effect loaded movie. You could perhaps say that this movie is more of a standard horror movie than the first one was but still not without loosing any of its own originality and creativity. The Hellraiser-series is one of those series that succeeded in creating a whole universe with followers, something that that many horror-series succeeded in.

A great follow-up to the first movie.


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