(Review originally written at 28 August 2007)

This movie is like all Laurel & Hardy's '40's movies; Too much talking and not enough slapstick. And has an overwritten story and it relies too much on the script, rather than on Laurel & Hardy's antics and talent. Yes of course they get some slapstick to do but it doesn't feel as anything new or truly great, though the movie certainly does have its moments, which help to make this movie worthwhile.

The story is rather weak but above all really uninteresting. The title is deceiving and certainly has nothing to do with the movie.

Dante, a magician from the 20th century is in the movie too but you can wonder why. Seems like just a publicity stunt for both parties to me, since it doesn't serve a too big significant purpose for the main plot-line of the movie.

Not that this movie is bad but by Laurel & Hardy standards it still is a rather weak and bad one, that really isn't among their best work.


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