(Review originally written at 17 May 2010)

This movie is bad and silly beyond believe. But strangely enough I really enjoyed the movie for this. Let me say that this movie is the type of movie that is perfect to watch late at night, with a couple of beers and a bunch of friends hanging around. You'll get plenty of laughs out of it, since the movie goes deliberately over-the-top with basically everything. The movie is so totally random and silly and it also knows this. It doesn't take itself serious at all, which makes the movie entertaining and watchable but certainly not any good as a movie though.

It really has got to be one of the most random movies I've ever seen. It's like they even did a story to work with and they just made things up, which they thought would be cool and fun for the movie, as they went along. And this also seems sort of true, since it wasn't well into the production of the movie that they apparently decided on turning this into a full length movie, though it originally was the intention to make a 20 minutes short.

It's a movie that is all over the place. I just couldn't understand the editing at times, that combined lots sequences needlessly together, as a weird sort kind of montage without really serving a purpose. It combines so many things that it's just beyond ridicules. Here we have a hard rock band playing awful '80's music, synthesizers included, 2 midgets, some nudity, a sniff of necrophilia and pedophilia, a wolf-lady, zombies and even Hitler. Does any of this really serve a purpose for the movie or its story? No. But because there simply is no story that the movie attempts to follow none of it really matters that much. The film-makers either did not care or just had no idea what kind of movie they wanted to make. The end result is such a weirdly random mess of a movie, that is still being entertaining due to all of this.

But as weird as it might sound, the movie definitely gets worse once it turns into a zombie-flick. The movie got even sillier and I just couldn't care anymore for the movie its second half because it was all done so extremely poorly. Biggest problem is that the second half of the movie doesn't really feature a main character and becomes even more random by just following all of the odd town-folks and the hard rock zombies and all of the victims that they leave behind. Yes, you could say that the second half of the movie is pretty much completely unwatchable.

And for the horror lovers; just don't expect an entertaining zombie-flick. The zombies are just such a small part in the entire random silly scheme of this movies. The gore and make-up effects also really aren't much special and I can't even call this an horror flick in the first place, since it never even ever attempts to get scary or create an hauntingly dark atmosphere.

I really loved to watch this movie in parts, though overall this movie is just too much of a mess and extremely poorly done and put together as a movie, to give this movie a positive rating.


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