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What were they thinking. Reality shows of course were a big and still new thing at the time of this movie but that doesn't mean you should drag the Halloween-series down to this level. The movie picks a story in which a group of young people participate in a reality show in which they must enter the birth-home of Michael Myers. They entire world can watch it online but nobody seems to be worried when people start to die pretty quickly on already. Also not the crew of the show, which seems to consist out of 3 people only for some weird reason.

It's of course not also really a very original concept to begin with. I mean it has been done many times before, in one way or another- and also a lot better in previous horror movies. Besides it doesn't really provide the movie with any exciting horror moments, mostly because it's being predictable all.

"Halloween H20: 20 Years Later" was not a perfect movie but it still was a decent enough reboot for the series, which introduced the Halloween movies to the more modern present style of horror film-making. With this movie they totally seem to abandoning this approach again and they pick a totally different approach again, which needless to say, doesn't work out very well.

It was an horrible choice to kill of Laurie Strode in this one. Jamie Lee Curtis returned to the Halloween series in 1998 with "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later" and she reprises her role again in this movie but she is only in it for the first 5 minutes or so, in which she gets killed off by the Michael Myers character.

This movie doesn't introduce some very hopeful new characters. I hope they were not thinking that Sara Moyer could be a good new main character for the series. It seems like a poor choice that the movie mostly decided on casting in youngsters, no doubt in an attempt to attract a new crowd of young people to the Halloween-series. The last movie had LL Cool J as a comical relief, this time this questionable honor goes to Busta Rhymes. He's just being Busta Rhymes though, pretending to be an actor. It must be said though that his characters works out better and more useful for the movie than LL Cool J's did in the previous movie.

Funny though that the movie is being directed by Rick Rosenthal, the movie who 21 before this movie also directed "Halloween II". Other than that he really hasn't directed a lot more movies throughout his career.

"Halloween: Resurrection" is a very simplistic and lazy written movie, that focuses more on attracting a new young audience than it thinks off the older and faithful fans of the series. A failed and so far last attempt in the long running Halloween-series (not counting in the new remakes).


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