(Review originally written at 20 September 2009)

Well, this movie is a pretty messy one to watch. Things seem to happen very randomly and there hardly is a good main plot-line it follows. It's just the one even after the other, without making an obvious connection and contribution.

Perhaps they though it would be enough simply showing Michael Myers killing a whole bunch of people again. The movie and its killings hardly ever become interesting though. As an horror this movie is just picking a wrong approach with its story and build-up. As shame, since before this movie the series still showed some class and were simply god movies within its genre to watch. With this movie things start to go terribly wrong. The also decided to try out some new things, by adding in some comical characters and to make the Myers characters more of a supernatural one but things simply never get developed well enough to let it all work out though.

The movie basically starts of were part 4 had ended and the movie pretty much also features the same characters in it. It got shot back to back with "Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers", with as a big difference though that they started on this movie without a complete script. Surely it was done for budgeting reasons but this 5th part surely doesn't benefits from it.

Halve of the time the movie consists out of killing, while the other halve remains pretty much boring to watch. Especially toward its ending the movie tends to get worse to watch, when absolutely nothing good or interesting is happening. It relies mostly on Dr. Loomis' babbling, which was still a good thing to watch in the previous movies but in this movie his character just doesn't work out quite as well.

Oh well, it still is a pleasure to watch Donald Pleasance though, so it can't be really said that's his fault really. At least his character is still better and more compelling than any of the other characters within this movie, which often come across as ones that add very little to the actual movie, who get killed very randomly and without apparent reason. Yes, this movie could had really used Jamie Lee Curtis again already.

One of the Halloween-sequels you can really easily do without.


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