(Review originally written at 13 September 2009)

Because this is the already fourth establishment in the Halloween-series, this movie has always been a bit under-appreciated. After the failed attempt at a different approach that "Halloween III: Season of the Witch" was, this fourth movie goes back to its roots again and the movie can be simply called a good and effective one within the slasher-genre, which the first movie from 1978 firstly really defined.

The movie is far from being perfect though with its story that is just plain ridicules and just too hard to believe at times. The movie at times is being too simple and light about things and often simply just takes things from granted, even though as a viewer you'll hardly ever buy these things. Still the movie is good enough to serve as one that is typical and good enough for its genre. It has all the clich├ęs you can expect but as a fan of the genre you'll hardly ever complain about these things.

It's main concept still works out better than I anticipated though. I mean, Michael Myers who is after his 7-year old niece this time didn't sounded very appealing or exciting to me at first. Luckily it still works out so because the movie also features some other good characters, on which the movie concentrates just as much.

I must say that Donald Pleasence was truly excellent in his role. He impressed me more than he ever did before in any of the other previous Halloween-movies.

As an horror/slasher it perhaps isn't being the most original or bloodiest movie within its genre but it's being simply good and generic enough to please the fans of the genre, as long as they are open for a third sequel to a movie that redefined the genre for ever. Of course this movie doesn't ever reaches the level of the first "Halloween" but on its own right this movie is simply being a good one that is still very well worth watching and is much better than most other genre movies and certainly much better than most sequels to horror movies.


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