(Review originally written at 2 May 2009)

The guinea pig-series is a quite odd and unique franchise. The series began as a snuff-type of franchise in which women get tortured in as many ways as imaginable. The series then also picked later some more comical and artistic approaches. This movie is like a mix of a more comical and artistic approach. It isn't really the best blend imaginable but this movie is maintaining enough to please the fans of the genre and of the odd Japanse series in general.

Due to its approach the movie is never quite serious to look upon its gore as something shocking or disgusting. Yet this movie still foremost picks a more of a serious approach with its story and because of this the movie also can't quite be called a humorous one. The movie is basically in between genres and it's also a real middle of the road movie.

Obviously it's not really a movie for just everyone but if you are familiar with some of the other movies from the series, this movie is still well worth watching for you.


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