(Review originally written at 17 February 2011)

You really don't have to be a big movie buff to see that this movie is being a blatant rip off of "Jaws". It of course features the elements of man versus beast but my goodness, it even rips off entire scenes, characters and even the clothing. But really, I don't always mind movies not being original. When you steal but it works out all well for your movie, you won't hear me ever complain about it.

It's a movie that never gets believable or tense but it simply offers some good entertainment. I enjoyed watching this movie, no matter how ridicules it all got at times. Reason why it works out as good entertainment is because there is always something happening. You really can't call this movie a dull one and thank goodness for that, since the movie has actually very little else going for it.

It really isn't a particularly well made movie and an obvious low-budget one. When the grizzly attacks it's always incredibly fake looking and mostly consists out of editing tricks, that combine footage of a real bear and some swinging fake paws. Evertime the grizzly attacks or kills you don't see anything happening at all, just some people being thrown around or scratched but you just never see the actual grizzly doing any of this. It really isn't done well but this definitely adds to the charm of the movie. It's a sort of throw back to the classic monster genre of the '50's, when beasts and monsters weren't much convincing looking either.

A very blatant "Jaws" rip off but a very entertaining one.


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