(Review originally written at 20 November 2009)

Well, this ain't no movie like any other. It's an African movie, shot with mostly natives and a South African director at the helm. This means that the movie in style is very different from similar type of movies made in the west.

The movie has some of the most lame and simplistic comedy in it, that is often really old fashioned and almost slapstick like but it's simply irresistible and often makes the movie an hilarious one to watch. You of course shouldn't take this movie too seriously. A real goofy movie that is hard not to laugh at.

There isn't much to the story really, though deep inside the movie still holds a message in it. The concept of a small desolated African tribe being confronted for the first time with the modern world through a coke bottle is a quite good and interesting one that held plenty of potential in it. It showed how their peaceful and simple style of living changed, due to the new found, strange, modern object, that turned out to be a quite useful tool for them for multiple uses. The movie is almost being documentary like with this approach but yet the movie decides to trow in many more different plot-lines. There are like 3 main plot lines, that eventually come together, featuring different characters, which can be seen as too many for any movie but this sort of suits the movie its goofiness. It's obviously a not too well made movie but considering its resources this movie is still truly one fine achievement, that also became a huge success overseas. It spawned many sequels, of which the first two got also directed by Jamie Uys.

Besides natives, the movie also features lots of African wild life. Quite amazing how some of the wild life plays a role in this movie, as if it all got scripted and the animals were playing their parts.

It's a real unique and hilarious surprise from South Africa.


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