(Review originally written at 9 May 2009)

As far as making of's go, this isn't among the best. This movies gives us a behind the screens look of the Ginî piggu-movies, with some small interviews includes as well, with some of its crew.

Making of's obviously weren't a big thing yet in the '80's and obviously little time and money got spend on it. This movie looks like it got shot with a $10 camera at times and it also just isn't too well put together. It's often more of the same, showing the same effects all over and over again and it also doesn't spend an equal amount of time on all of the movies. Part 1 gets hardly ever featured or mentioned and it also doesn't give a great amount of insight depth of the purpose of the Ginî piggu movies, or anything of that sort.

If it got made this present day, with interviews with the cast and crew members looking back at these movies, with some behind the screen footage included, I'll bet it would be a far better and way more interesting one to watch. Who knows, perhaps this is an idea for the 25 year anniversary of the Za ginipiggu-series next year. It would be a good excuse the re-release the entire series as well again.

Perhaps it's better to watch if you haven't actually already seen the actual movies, fore it provides little new and therefore also adds very little to the series. As a first introduction to the series this movie might work.


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