(Review originally written at 11 April 2009)

The Za ginipiggu aren't exactly very deep or original movies, since mostly they are purely about seeing people being tortured, dismembered and eventually getting killed but "Za ginipiggu 4: Manhoru no naka no ningyo" has something extra to it, due to its bizarre but yet also intriguing story.

The movie does actually has a plot and story to it. It's a weird one but a story nevertheless, that besides is actually quite intriguing because it's so unusual. It's about a lonely artist finding a mermaid in the sewer, whom he decides to take home with him when she falls ill to continue to paint her. Her condition however only worsens when she starts to develop sores all over her body.

The Za ginipiggu-series is known for its gore and its attempts to shock with it and I feel that this movie is so far (still have to watch the other sequels) being the most successful with it. Even though it doesn't feature any torture sequences or other graphic moments like the previous movies featured, it still is the movie that grossed me out the most. It's a truly disgusting movie to watch.

Graphically it's a good looking movie with all of its effects. Still the production values are being obviously fairly low and also the actors far from impress.

Don't miss out this movie once you get into the unusual Za ginipiggu-series.


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