(Review originally written at 19 September 2009)

Well, this is not the most likely of love-stories but it's one of the more original ones from its era.

The movie is a rather enjoyable one, which story perhaps doesn't out as well as was supposed to but remains a good one to watch nevertheless. Problem is perhaps that the love-story isn't worked out to its full potential. The right chemistry isn't always there, mostly since its two main characters are such diverse ones. The same goes for the George Sanders character. It's hard to believe that the nice Gene Tierney would fall for such a slick guy, who obviously doesn't have very noble intentions, as can be seen pretty much already the first scene they are together in.

But enough complaining. The movie still remains a good one to watch, due to its pleasant original story, that combines its drama with its romance and fantasy quite well, as well as the right amount of required humor.

Main reason why the movie remains a good one to watch are its acting performances. Throughout the actors all give away some fine performances, especially Rex Harrison who impressed as the ghostly captain. The movie also has a young Natalie Wood in it, who started out her career as a child-star. This wasn't her first role and she already had 4 years of movie experience under her belt.

All in all it's a nice movie to watch and above also a quite original one from the '40's. It provides a different- and welcomed, take on the genre.


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