(Review originally written at 5 September 2008)

Yep, this is a '70's movie alright. It has an unmistakable '70's style and atmosphere, with some great camera-work and some small scaled but spectacularly shot action. It also isn't the easiest to watch or easiest to follow movie though, which I found a disappointing aspect of the movie.

Thing with "Get Carter" is, is that so many sequences make a redundant impression. While watching it you don't really realize it and wait for something to happen but when a sequence is over and it didn't contributed much to the movie and it's story, you'll feel sort of cheated. Yes, I know, this sort of is also part of '70's film-making and its style but it just didn't made "Get Carter" always the most pleasant movie to watch.

Not really the directing or writing its fault. It has a solid story and some tight directing by Mike Hodges. It isn't really an usual crime movie, in which the man character starts blasting everyone away. Instead the movie is more personal and humane and shows a realistic character, dealing with some tough personal situations when his brother dies and he starts to suspect it was foul play.

It of course also helps that the main character is being played by Michael Caine, who is of course still successful now days but perhaps did his best work in the '70's and even prior to that. Amazing once you start thinking about the career this man had and still has actually. From playing tough guys and lady-killers early in his career to playing kind old men in his later movies, such as for instance he does now in the new Christopher Nolan Batman movies, as the butler Alfred.

A good '70's movie, just not the easiest or most pleasant one to watch.


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