(Review originally written at 4 October 2007)

The great train chase would perhaps be a better and more suiting title for this movie. The movie is for most part set in a train engine and involved the Buster Keaton in the pursuit of another stolen train by the Union army, during the American Civil War.

You would think that a movie that's mostly set in a moving train engine would become tiresome after a while and jokes would start to repeat itself. But it's amazing all the stuff they came up with. What is it with Buster Keaton and trains? There also is one great long sequences involving a train in his earlier movie "Our Hospitality".

It's a really creative comedy, with always some surprising unexpected insane moments in it. It's way more than just some other slapstick routines. The movie also obviously caused more than most other silent comedy, made during the same era. As a matter of fact the movie actually features the single most expensive shot of the entire silent movie era in it.

Buster Keaton himself also once again performances all of his stunts. It aren't his biggest or most spectacular looking stunts but just as dangerous nevertheless.

The story was fun and interesting, also since it's partly based on true events during the Civil War. There of course aren't that many Civil War comedies in general, so in that regard this movie already is an original one. The set back of the movie enhances the story, that of course however does not form the most important aspect of the movie.

This was Buster Keaton's own personal favorite and it also really is one of his best movies!


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