(Review originally written at 13 November 2009)

Well, it's a Friday the 13th, so why not watch a Friday the 13th movie? This is the already 7th establishment in the commercially successful Friday the 13th movie, that started out in 1980. That means that almost every year a new Friday the 13th movie got released. This of course goes at the expense of the quality of the movies and the series mostly consists out of stories and moments that repeat itself. This movie tries to be different by setting the movie at a new location. No, it's not really Manhattan, at least not until for the last halve hour of the movie but it's a movie that for most part is set aboard a ship, with a school-class aboard.

The change of settings doesn't help to make this a better movie though. Even more so than other Friday the 13th movies, this movie just simply consists out of the one killing after the other. Its story and characters just aren't exactly good or interesting enough to make this a good or original enough entry in the series. It just no a movie you ever really get into.

Guess the movie in its essence showed some potential. I mean an horror movie set aboard a ship should be good enough to provide the movie with a couple of claustrophobic and well build up horror sequences. But none of it. As an horror this movie falls flat and it just purely relies on its graphic killings it seems.

The movie does get better though the moment the movie hits New York. It shows that having Jason roaming around in the big city can be just as good and effective as having the movie set at a camp, somewhere in the woods. Guess this movie also made the creators realized this and later movies in the series would also be set outside of the woods. It took them only 7 movies to realize this though.

Not a very good or interesting done movie, until its final 30 minutes.


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