(Review originally written at 2 November 2009)

This is not a bad entry in the series but it's just being more of the same again. The movie tries to be original but it's originality often works out weak for the movie fore it often isn't anything too likely. Jason facing off against a girl with paranormal powers this time just isn't the most likely of stories and besides, it also isn't anything too original as well. This is what makes the movie somewhat weak but still good enough to watch for the fans of the genre and the series.

Jason is back in this one and he's uglier than ever before. It's nice to see how his character has developed over the years, especially his looks. First he was still a Michael Myers type of character, while in the later sequels he more turned into an ugly monster. It also definitely matters who plays the character behind the mask and Kane Hodder. No wonder he continued to play on the character for 3 more movies, more than any other previous Jason actor had and has ever done.

It's still being mostly a movie than hangs together from its killings. There really isn't more to the movie and its story. Jason simply goes on doing what he does best and that's killing a bunch of fooling around teenagers in the woods. It provides the movie with a couple of nice graphic killings but if you've seen the previous Friday the 13th movies before, nothing in it is too surprising or shocking for you.

Not too much new good originality in this one, though still watchable for the fans.


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