(Review originally written at 10 June 2007)

Plain and simple; this movie just wasn't much good to watch. By no means an horrible movie but just one that lacks about everything needed to make a good decent genre movie.

The movie began pretty well. Pretty standard stuff but good and promising nevertheless. The movie however soon starts to go downhill rapidly from the moment on when the movie its 'supernaturual' elements start to appear in to the story. It's just too ridicules and unbelievable all, even for a genre movie such as this one.

Aside from its supernatural elements, the movie is formulaic and doesn't offer much real surprises with its story, events and characters. It just doesn't make this movie the most tense or mysterious genre movie around. The story is for too long not heading anywhere interesting. The ending also leaves far too many questions, which makes the ending and overall movie as a whole a quite unsatisfying one to watch.

The movie just doesn't always flow well. Some moments even look awkward, due to some weird and bad editing. Since Richard Francis-Bruce is a competent director my guess is that he just didn't had better material to work with and that the director Joseph Ruben is to blame for this bad flow and inconsistency.

Julianne Moore still obviously believed in the project. She acted as if her life depended on it. It's painful to watch a good performance in a bad movie. The rest of the actors get mostly pushed to the background. A shame, since it wastes the talents of Gary Sinise and Anthony Edwards, who play far too uninteresting roles. I mean, it are the type of roles basically every actor could had played, just as good and interesting.

So for a genre movie it just isn't good enough. It lacks real good tension or mystery and offers too few surprises. Also the fact that the ending isn't overall satisfying is a reason why "The Forgotten" is a typical standard formulaic lackluster genre movie that disappoints.


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