(Review originally written at 30 November 2009)

This is the third movie in the The Gods Must Be Crazy movie-series but with as a big difference that this movie got made by an entirely different studio and even an entire different country. Weirdly enough this is an Hong Kong movie that still of course mostly is being set in Africa.

The movie tries to blend in the two successful series by mixing the The Gods Must Be Crazy-series with "Geung si sin sang", also starring Ching-Ying Lam. The movie its main concept might perhaps sound more ridicules and lame than the overall end result really. Basically this movie has very little to do with any of the The Gods Must Be Crazy previous movies, also in terms of its style and humor. So you can't really compare this movie to the previous entries and you have to take this movie on its own and for what it is.

The movie in itself is not bad but also not great either really. Of course the movie is being quite lame really and unusual with its mixture of primitive African tribes and an ancient Chinese vampire. It just isn't a movie of the highest quality but all in all it still is amusing enough to consider this movie watchable.

Basically the only thing that connects this movie to the previous two is the presence of N!xau again, who had learned about the value of money after the second movie and therefore must had willingly agreed to appear in this movie as well, as well as 2 more Hong Kong sequels to this movie.

Nothing too great or impressive but good enough for what it is.


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