(Review originally written at 18 September 2007)

The movie is obviously inspired by "Night of the Living Dead", in which lots of simple, gory and mysterious things are happening, at one location, without ever trying to explain anything. It's a very simply approach, that works out for this movie as well. You just sit back and enjoy watching it, without really having to think much about anything.

The movie is definitely gory and good looking enough to please the genre fans. It's definitely a movie that doesn't take itself seriously and leaves room for lots of humor and over-the-top characters. It makes the movie fun and entertaining to watch.

But yes the movie is pretty restrained because of its one location and in its originality. It also makes the movie drag on a bit after a while. Basically the movie doesn't offer too much new elements and most of it has already been done before and in a better and more original way. Nevertheless this doesn't mean that this movie has completely nothing to offer to thrill its audience. It definitely helps that the movie is a good looking one as well, despite its low budget. It also provides the movie with a good and suiting horror type of atmosphere, even though the movie doesn't really ever become scary. It's too deliberately gory and fun for that.

The build up and character introductions take far too long. For the rest of the movie it keeps focusing on all characters evenly. This is a bit of a problem because there are really many characters in this movie and none of them really gets developed or interesting because they are never given the room to. It's now hard to keep all characters apart and really care for any of them.

An enjoyable gore feast but perhaps for fans only.


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