(Review originally written at 14 October 2010)

This movie is seriously lacking in its one fundamental ingredient; horror. It's amazingly shocking to see what weird choices the film-makers made with this movie, that all go at the expense of the quality of the movie.

The main concept and idea behind this movie certainly deserved to get a better treatment. And I also must admit that when the true horror/slasher aspects of the movie kick in, the movie is actually still quite good and enjoyable to watch. But only problem is that it isn't until the last 20 minutes or so that the movie truly becomes a slasher and 10 minutes later it has all ended again already. And what an horrible sudden ending it has. So there is actually very little to enjoy for the horror lovers among us, myself included.

The movie is basically all build up and no pay off. The movie keeps dragging on with its character development and only throws in some fake scares to help you to remind that this is supposed to be an horror movie you're watching.

This movie is some real wasted potential. I really liked the killer and the whole idea behind him, which makes me wish that this movie was given into the hands of someone more capable, or someone with some more experience with the genre at the very least. This was the first and only, as of yet, movie that Vincent Robert directed. Prior to this he also had very little experience with the movie making business, so why he ever was given the opportunity to directed this movie is a bit of a mystery to me. Wes Craven was in the cast, couldn't he at least had given the film-makers a couple of tips on film-making as well.

The movie has a cheap video look over it but hey, that's what you get from an '90's movie. It tries to be like a good genre movie from the '80's but it basically only does this by throwing in a bunch of unlikeable persons, who are also all sleeping with each other, or at least are busy trying to.

Granted that this is far from the worst thing I have ever seen but it unfortunately ain't much good, original or interesting enough either.


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