(Review originally written at 27 April 2008)

This is a very simple straight-forward action flick, in line with these early Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone movies with lots of violence. There is nothing wrong with watching and enjoying such a simple action flick from time to time.

It's a kill first, then ask questions type of movie in which former hit-man Charlie Bronson is hunting a Mengele like doctor, who makes a living out of torturing people for crooked governments. Sort of funny how Bronson always played already retired persons who get drawn back in to business, from already pretty early on in the '80's, right till his death in 2003.

It's actual a real simple made movie, with a story that is very little interesting but it's just simply a movie that entertains through its very same simplicity. And well it's a Charles Bronson movie, directed by J. Lee Thompson, so obviously it's still better than the usual '80's genre attempt. But yes of course its simplicity also prevents this movie from being a really good or truly memorable genre movie.

The movie is perhaps also too lack-lusting for that. Although the movie is featuring some graphic violence, it isn't featuring an awful lot of action and I expected and was hoping for some more shooting (OK that sounded evil.). It's of course also mostly predictable and formulaic which makes this movie a bit tiresome to watch in parts. I was also hoping for some more fireworks at the ending.

Enjoyable enough to watch it but no, it by no means is a must-see obviously.


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