(Review originally written at 2 December 2007)

The movie isn't afraid to steal from many other movies such as; "Se7en", "Hollow Man" and maybe perhaps even a bit of "Fallen". A movie that steals a lot from other movies isn't by definition a bad one, I mean as long as its done to strengthens the movie and its story and characters, I tend to forgive them for that.

To be honest, the movie also begin well but went downhill pretty fast about halve way through, when the movie was starting to hang together from its coincidences. There just happens to be a professor who is researching on how bringing the death back to life. That researcher just happens to work out the same school our 'main hero' gets stationed as a guard. That professor just happens to pick the death body of the killer of our 'main hero's' wife. In the end they desperately try to connect it all and make sense to all those too obvious coincidences but by then the movie has already lost all of its credibility.

The movie is definitely a better looking one than just an average made for TV movie. It's style is what saved the movie until it was about halve way through.

It's a thriller that at times even uses horror elements in it. A thriller with horror elements in it is most of the time an unlikely and daring combination that also not too often works out greatly. For most part the combination works out in this movie until, again, it reaches about the halve way point.

Thought it was a watchable enough movie, until it just got sillier and sillier and worse and worse.


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