(Review originally written at 13 October 2007)

This is of course another typical immature teenage comedy, with all the jokes you could expect from a genre movie such as this one. The movie is however made with such a good non-stop comedy pace that you can't help but to enjoy and laugh. The movie really serves its purpose effectively.

The countries they visit seem to be pretty random. It's as if the writers come up with the cities they would visit first, before writing the actual script. Only after that they would then start writing the script, surrounding on how they would visit all those different cities. It of course make the story seem extra thin, simplistic and just ridicules but because of the pace and stereotypes in the movie it still becomes fun all to watch.

The movie really features all- and the most extreme stereotypes about all of the cities visited in this movie and the people that are living in it. All of the stereotypes are so extreme and thickened that it becomes absolutely hilarious to watch, despite the fact that it all of course is rather predictable. Seriously, how can you feel offended by this as an European? It's too silly to take it the least bit serious and it's a reason why the humor in this movie works out so well. The humor is just so dumb and simple that you can't help laughing!

This movie really doesn't leave you room to breath. Before the one humorous situation is offer, you're already in the next one again. It doesn't ever give you the time to think about what you've just seen and just take things as they come along. It makes your brain switch off almost automatically as soon as the movie has started and that of course is always the best way to watch a comedy such as this one.

Despite the fact that this movie and its situations are all rather predictable, the movie still comes up with a couple of good and original moments. It certainly helps to make this movie better than just the average attempt.

I think it was a good move to mostly cast unknown young actors in the lead role. The kind of actors that will probably never make it big time. It doesn't distract from the movie and its jokes. It also allows big names to show up in cameo appearances in this movie. Matt Damon, Vinnie Jones and Jeffrey Tambor among others all make some equally fun cameo appearances in this movie.

I've you're able to appreciate teenage-comedies (The American Pie sort of movies, "Road Trip", etcetera), you'll have a good time watching this.


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