(Review originally written at 16 February 2009)

Even though unfortunately this movie was not as brilliant as the other and earlier written Charlie Kaufman movie "Being John Malkovich" it's still a great and unique watch. Still not entirely fair that this movie always have been given more credit than "Being John Malkovich", fore this movie is surely not without it flaws.

It above all things is a Charlie Kaufman. It's not necessarily a Michel Gondry movie, not necessarily a Jim Carrey movie, or not necessarily a Kate Winslet movie. It's a movie that really has a typical trademark Charlie Kaufman style all over it. A real accomplishment and what other movie writer can say a thing like that as well. This movie also earned Kaufman his first ever Oscar, while he already got nominated two times before in the past.

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" takes you along for a ride and takes you to a strange world, in which you know more than halve of it isn't for real. It's a dream like movie but not as far off as I probably make it sound right not. It's a perfectly accessible movie for all type of audiences. Don't be alarmed or scared off by it's art-house kind of reputation. The story is at all times perfectly understandable, even though quite some strange things are happening in it.

It's an unique movie for sure, that also has a unique love theme in it. It's refreshing that it doesn't handle it romantic aspects in a formulaic way, though it also needs to be said that it's also thanks to Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet's performances that its main story and two main characters work out so well for the movie and therefore also its romantic theme.

It's again one of those roles in which Jim Carrey shows that he can really act, without trying to be or look funny all of the time. Too bad a lot of people still don't see this. The movie also features some other great and well known actors beside Carrey and Winslet, such as Elijah Wood, Mark Ruffalo, Kirsten Dunst and Tom Wilkinson.

It's a great movie with some great movie-making tricks. It's a true visual movie, with an almost constant dream like atmosphere. A lot of old fashioned techniques are being used, which are all still better looking than modern special effects and are therefore more effective, especially for this type of movie, as well.

My complaint with this movie is though that its story and the way it's progressing is quite predictable all. It's not really the story that offers the movie with its most unique or greatest moments, though the writing in general still remains great, as weird as that might sound. Hopefully you will understand what I mean by this when you watch the movie yourself.

Certainly a great and also definitely unique movie to watch. Especially for the Kaufman fans.


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