(Review originally written at 21 November 2008)

This was a movie with some great potential, also since its actually based on a 'true story' but the movie however really doesn't feature the best or most interesting storytelling, which in the end just lets makes the movie seem like some wasted potential.

Problem is that the actual concept of the movie is very exciting and quite original but the movie itself just never gets exciting, scary or original enough, with any of its themes and moments. The movie is like basically the same thing over and over again. The movie is constantly repeating itself, which makes the horror of the movie tiresome and ineffective. As a genre movie it's definitely a lacking and disappointing one.

The movie also can't seem to make a choice if it wants to be a typical horror movie in which a woman is being haunted by some evil spirit, or if it wants to be a more deeper and more 'serious' movie, in which the supernatural things are being more explored and explained from a rational viewpoint. Now instead the movie features a bit of both, with as a result that none of these two different themes work out 100% effectively.

The storytelling is all over the place and Sidney J. Furie's directing is definitely lacking. Throughout his career he hasn't really directed one movie that is above average. His best known movies are perhaps "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" and "Iron Eagle", "Iron Eagle II" and "Iron Eagle IV". It says something about his career and the qualities of his movies. The story often makes some jumps and is constantly changing its tone and atmosphere, characters come and go and like I mentioned earlier before; it's constantly repeating itself. I mean how often is the woman getting raped in this movie? Geez, we already got it the first time already! A remake of this movie is currently in development. Needless to say my confidence and hopes for it aren't very high.

The acting is also a kind of a mixed bag. Barbara Hershey at some points was got but overall her acting was too much lacking in other parts to consider her a good leading lady. Ron Silver on the other hand was really great in his role. Don't really think it was a good choice to cast David Labiosa as the oldest son, since he's looking about the same age as Barbara Hershey, who is supposed to be his mother. No matter how young she was supposed to was when she got him! Also really annoying were to two naive younger sisters, who are constantly crying and moaning, without ever seeming to have a clue of what's happening all around them and don't seem to make any attempt to even try to understand. I hate these naive young kids in movies.

Oh well, at least it isn't the worst genre movie ever made and it does have its good points but overall it's just not exciting, tense or original enough, despite its fine premise. In all fairness, the movie even at times works out unintentionally comical like, since some of its moments are being handled so poorly and silly.

Lacking- and just not that interesting as a genre movie.


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