(Review originally written at 8 November 2010)

Not all short film need to necessarily follow a clear main story. Especially not when you are aiming at such a visual experience as director/writer Grzegorz Cisiecki was.

This is a surreal movie alright. It's a real visual orientated movie, in which seemingly random sequences rapidly follow each other, in order to create a surreal and almost nightmarish like feeling and atmosphere.

Reason why it all works well, is because the movie is an incredibly well shot one. Everything fits and is real professional looking as well This is not just an amateur like film, made by a couple of friends with their own money and in their spare time but this movie was actually taken as a very serious project and lots of time and effort got obviously put in to it. The cinematography, the editing, the directing, the music, it's all in perfect harmony and makes this movie a great one.

The movie is all the more of an accomplishment once you consider the movie director's age and the fact that this was the first movie he released. I don't know what his back-story is but you need to be pretty confident as a young guy about your own abilities and your vision as a film-maker, to make a movie like this one and perhaps more importantly, also get your vision and enthusiasm across to the other youngsters making this film together with him. It's a film that could had easily failed or come across as a pretentious one but the movie doesn't fall into any traps and it's simply a really well done one.

A great visual experience.


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