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I have only seen a couple of episodes of "The Dudesons" in my lifetime but it seems as if I had seen the best of them, since 90% of what I had seen is also in this movie. This 'movie' is merely a compilation of the televisions series episodes. This obviously was a bit of a disappointment and it also doesn't really make this a 'movie' at all.

But OK, it's a compilation of their best moment and its uncensored so obviously there is plenty to enjoy.

Apparently the dudesons already shot some of their stuff before "Jackass" aired, so simply calling this just another "Jacksass" rip-off wouldn't be fair, even though the first "Jackass" episode aired in 2000 and the first "Extreme duudsonit" ("The Dudesons") episode aired in 2001. It's also original in its own way, since it has created a style of its own and the Finnish environment is of course also different and something that makes the series and movie also special. What also makes it special is that the guys are living together on their ranch, just outside their home town. They perform a lot of their crazy stuff in and around their ranch. This makes it all the movie fun and gives the whole series and movie a more good and fun brotherhood like feeling as well.

One thing I don't like about the dudesons is their laughing. No matter what they do, they always think its very funny. It's as if they in advance decided in their own minds they are going to laugh, no matter what happens, with as a result that they are always laughing like maniacs, even if it isn't that funny what they are doing.

Another thing I don't really like is how irresponsible they are. They don't think, they just do things without taking any precautions. You can call it spontaneous and call it one of the strong points of the dudesons but sometimes its just to stupid what they are doing. For instance, they are putting things and each other on fire without making sure there is water around, just in case, which is also the reason why their ranch basically burned down. But also the stunts themselves seem to have been hardly thought out. Sometimes it just plain dangerous what they are doing, which is also the reason why all of them have broken a lot of bones already and some of them have permanent damage on their young age already. I seriously wouldn't at all be surprised to hear one day one of the dudesons died or becomes an permanent invalid, during one of their stunts and antics.

Some of their bone braking stuff can be seen back in this movie, as well as the almost complete burning down of their ranch. Best parts however of course still remains the stuff with Mr. Hitler.

One of the best things about the dudesons is how fast going it always is. Normally the episode are also around 20 minutes short, rather than half an hour, which is a more standard time. It's always well edited and cool looking. But still thing is, I still have difficulties with knowing who is who exactly in the series and movies. Some of them look alike and change their appearances often and their odd Finnish names aren't that easy to remember as well. I'm still learning though.

It's fun and enjoyable but if you're a follower of the series, there is basically no point in ever watching this movie, since it's a mere compilation of episodes, without any new stuff added to it, except the fact that it's uncensored, which means there is some nudity. (Still, funny enough the male nudity is still being censored though.)


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