(Review originally written at 21 October 2010)

Kiyoshi Kurosawa movies at first sight always seem like some typical genre pieces but then he does something totally unexpected with its story and approach, with as a result that his movies are often something really special and unique to watch. Also often quite weird though, as is also the case with "Dopperugengâ".

But unlike most of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's movies, this one doesn't take itself very seriously. It's also more of a comedy than anything else really. And this is what makes the movie such a perfectly watchable and entertaining one, even though at times you will most likely have no idea what is going on with its story.

The movie has a pretty odd but yet intriguing main premise of an inventor, who is slowly starting to loose it and a doppelganger of him starts to appear, who seems to help him out with all of his problems. This is pretty most what the movie its first half is all about. In its second half things start to take an even more weird turn. I definitely liked the movie its more slower but stylish first half better than its insane second one but still overall it all remained good and entertaining enough to keep me watching and interested till the end.

The entire movie sound weird but fact is that it's all done incredibly well. It's all nicely directed and told and also uses some good old fashioned trickery and true creativity, instead of some overly present CGI effects.

All of the actors are really likable in their roles. Kôji Yakusho is an actor that works quite often together with Kiyoshi Kurosawa and he is also one of my favorite, still working, Japanese actors, who every now and then also pops up in a big Hollywood production.

An unusual but unique and likable movie. Definitely not Kiyoshi Kurosawa's best or most interesting and provoking movie though.


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