(Review originally written at 11 December 2009)

This is one of those movies about life but with a bit of surrealism added to it, to help and make this movie a real unique watching experience, that is powerful and effective.

Multiple themes come by in this movie. It's a drama, a comedy, a coming of age movie and even a crime movie. With all these multiple themes in it the movie still manages to feel as a whole, even when the main character himself ages and drastically changes, through the circumstance he has to endure.

The movie focuses on the Gypsy life, which us outsiders never get to see or understand much about but it has all of the stuff in it you always hear and read about. It seems like an honest and true enough portrayal. The movie mainly focuses on one boy, who's life seems empty and meaningless and who is being somewhat forced to enter the criminal life due to the bad circumstances he lives in. When he is put outside of his 'safe' environment he starts to age fast and the movie becomes a real coming of age movie, in which the main character also decides to make his own destiny.

Emir Kusturica seems definitely like a capable director to me, who's movies also always seem to have a surrealistic undertone in it. The movie is raw and gritty, also with its depressing settings, but still the movie manages to feel very lively. It makes the movie a real powerful and effective experience.

The movie also has some great actors in it, who all seemed to be born to play these parts. Davor Dujmovic was a great leading man in this movie, despite of his still quite young age. In real life he actually ended up worse than the his character in this movie and he died in 1999 after suicide by a drug overdose.

A really well made movie that makes this a great little movie to watch!


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