(Review originally written at 16 March 2008)

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The movie features a quite ridicules concept and it isn't exactly made believable through its storytelling either. Seriously don't those parents notice how much their children's has changed to the worse? Who cares if they get good grades, why on Earth would any parent consent to this when they see how it affects their children's behavior and takes away their personality. Ugh, yeah well I know its just a movie but they could had done some more and better attempts to try and make the story just a little bit more probable.

The movie also has some more serious issues with its storytelling. At times the movie just jumps from the one moment to the other, especially toward the ending, as if they were rushing to finish the movie on time. The movie makes some leaps that make you go whoa! What happened in between? Or, how did they suddenly get there? The movie is of course also not really being helped by its weak editing. It's perhaps being equaled by the dreadful musical score of the movie, by Mark Snow. He has some good music in him, I mean after all he is the man behind the music and theme of "The X-Files" but he simply did an horrible job for this movie.

Also a problem with this movie is that there basically is too little interesting or spectacular happening. For a movie that presents itself as an horror movie, it's simply lacking on all fronts.

The most exciting stuff comes from Nick Stahl, who is the best acting within this movie. It makes it a real shame that half way through his character changes and he also for some reason more or less disappears out of the movie, while in the first half he still was being presented and handled as a main character. What the movie is further more lacking is a main villain. Bruce Greenwood's role is way too limited within this movie and his little mustache is way too distracting to regard him as a successful movie villain. It also makes it more or less sort of disturbing that his character- and his 'robots' are all being killed off in the end. It really didn't feel right to me that everyone of them had to die, as if they were already lost and doomed and there was no way they could had been changed back.

Not the worst movie you'll ever see but it will still feel like a waste of time.


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