(Review originally written at 25 November 2007)

This movie its weakness is its humor. The movie at times goes way over-the-top, in an attempt to make the viewer laugh out loud. The writing of the movie is not bad and fun enough of its own. It didn't really needed those forced comedy moments to make a good enjoyable comedy. The movie would had worked out way better with a more of a Wes Anderson kind of approach of film-making. The sort of non-forced way of trying to be funny but still have all the quirky kind of characters in it. Sounds weird coming from a guy who isn't even a Wes Anderson fan.

The main lead actors all did a good job considering and they were given some good dialog to work with.

The camera-work and editing were all good enough, as was it's overall style. Nothing to renewing or spectacular but it served its purpose well all.

No, it's not a bad movie now and it's simply enjoyable enough but also a bit too lacking and too clumsy put together all, to take this really serious as a professional/serious attempt of creating a short film, though the intentions for it were definitely there.


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