(Review originally written at 14 September 2008)

All inconsistencies and imperfections aside, this is simply a fine and enjoyable short from Boris Paval Conen.

Basically it's very hard to create a perfect short movie. You never have enough time to develop your characters or to set up a proper story. This means that you need to rush things in order to tell what you want with your story and movie. This times goes at the expensive of the logic in the story, which is also certainly the case with this movie.

The story basically isn't explained within the movie. Time stops when a boy almost gets hit by a big truck, except for one man who witnesses it all happening. Why this happens for this one man never gets explained within the story and how certainly also doesn't get explained. I see the movie as about one that shows that everything is happening for a reason, not sure if this also was the message which the writer/director of the movie tried to send out.

It's a greatly shot and beautiful looking movie, despite not being set at the most beautiful location imaginable. It's obviously not just an 'amateur' short but all those involved are professionals within their business. Director Boris Paval Conen previously made the TV-series "De 9 dagen van de gier", set in Rotterdam, which also was a beautiful shot movie and made Rotterdam look like New York City. Seems like he is a man who knows how to handle a visual style and to tell a story. Unfortunately he works mostly on short movies and TV projects and he hasn't found his big break through yet. Or perhaps this is also his own choice and he wants to remain as much independent as possible as a film-maker and therefore sticks to short projects instead, in which he remains in total control of.

It's only 10 minutes short and it's certainly worth your time. Also if your not into 'foreign' movies or reading subtitles, don't be scared off, since this movie features zero dialog in it.


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