(Review originally written at 4 September 2010)

It's German, it's from the '70's, so of course this movie is being something different than usual. It's a typical European production, that doesn't take a spectacular Hollywood approach but instead focuses more on the visuals and actual storytelling.

Guess that some people might find this movie to be a lackluster and even boring to watch but in its genre it's simply being an unique movie that is throughout intriguing to watch. It's a movie that grabs you, even though the movie has some slow storytelling in it. It's really a movie that takes its time to set up things and never does things hastily. Even the killings occur in a slow, delicate manner, often without wasting too much dialog on it. It's all the more intriguing once you know that this movie is fairly well based on true events and persons.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie beforehand, since it had a premise of an homosexual German serial killer, set in the early 20th century. This are 3 things that might already scare off some people from ever watching it. I had no idea what the overall tone or the story would be all about. In all honesty, I was more expecting an homo-erotic type of movie, also because of its title perhaps. But it's simply a very accessible movie to just basically everyone. It isn't trying to be very controversial or groundbreaking with its subject, which might also be one of the reasons though why this movie isn't that well known. Sure, there is some male nudity in the movie but it's all fairly tame and toned down. It certainly isn't being presented as anything erotic or exciting, so you shouldn't feel too uncomfortable with it.

It's more a movie that tries to shock with its premise, which does work out well. The movie feels and looks almost like an horror movie at times, due to its fine atmosphere and effective storytelling. It's a really well made film, that feels a bit clumsy at times with its editing perhaps but even this contributes to its nice suiting eerie atmosphere.

It also all works out very well thanks to its main character, that got played very well by Kurt Raab, who does look quite effectively creepy.

One greatly effective and intriguing movie.


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