(Review originally written at 8 September 2010)

It's safe to say that this movie has absolutely nothing to do with any of the other 'Devil in Miss Jones' movies. I even think that those involved with this movie had never even seen any of the previous movies out of the long running classic porn-series before.

The way I see it they just shot lots of random random sex sequences, put them on a shelve somewhere, till a day would come that they put some of them in a movie. They wrote the story around it to connect things with each other but it really doesn't make sense. It's all so totally random and you really can't speak about any continuity in it. So this is not a movie, it's just a porn-flick.

And nothing wrong with that of course but it makes it a bit lame that they put "The Devil in Miss Jones 6" as a title on this movie, while it has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the series, purely for marketing reasons obviously and to cash in easily and fast on it, which worked for the movie by the way. When the movie tries to have a story in it, it really becomes a real weak one. Also not in the least because it has some horrible acting in it. But I must say, that it's a very well done and professional movie, within its genre, I have to give the movie that. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this movie won lots of adult movie awards.

The sex sequences especially are shot very professionally and with some class as well. Some serious time and effort was put in the shooting of this movie. They didn't used any hand-held camera work or any other stuff that makes it seem like a cheap genre example. And with its epic length of 2 hours and 11 minutes, there are plenty of sequences like that to be found in this movie.

Other than that the movie really doesn't offer much originality or excitement but if you're into the genre I would imaging that this is still one of the better and good looking ones that are available out there.


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