(Review originally written at 20 November 2007)

Watch out for those nude killer nuns!

Lets face it, Italian horror isn't anymore what it used to be and all of the best movies were made mostly in the '70's and '80's. In the '90's the genre was already pretty much dried up in Italy.

The movie has a pretty good genre concept and story but it deserved a way better execution all. The movie its story also most definitely isn't helped with its dialog. You know, it's the kind of dialog that is so bad that it will make you laugh. The actors that have to deliver the lines also obviously aren't among the best in their profession.

No matter how hard the movie tries, it just never gets real scary or mysterious. The movie is often more dull and a drag. Besides some of the moments are just too ridicules. For instance, an archaeologist that is being scared by a couple of bones? That really doesn't sound likely. It also doesn't help that the movie doesn't feature an awful lot of gore or monsters/killers in it. At least not some good gore. The gore that is in the movie looks quite amateur like. It makes this a rather disappointing- and below average genre movie.

The movie spends more than halve of its time figuring out a mystery, while we as the viewers already knew what happened, because it was showed in the beginning of the movie. The how's and why's of it all is little interesting. The movie could had better focused on the present time within the movie, to make it more of a scary one.

The character treatment also isn't among the greatest. The person who seems to be the main character suddenly disappears out of the story halve way through, to appear again much later. Yes, there is a reason for it but it doesn't make it any less bad. Same goes for lot of other characters, that just come and go within the story.

There are some way better genre movies than this one and Lucio Fulci also has made way better movies.


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