(Review originally written at 22 August 2009)

What is it with all these people calling this movie a clever and hilarious one? To me this movie was a total mess and the story was all over the place. It hardly was an interesting or funny one to watch and yes, normally I'm very fond of dark-humor.

The movie turned out to be quite disappointing to be honest. Main problem to me seemed its story. The movie was lacking a good main plot and the story just kept jumping all over the place. Because of this I simply started to loose interest in this movie and it sort of began to annoy me as well even. I really don't see how this movie is being a clever one. It's simply simplistic and lacking enough substance and depth to consider this a provoking or even intriguing movie.

It's a bit of a slow and dull movie to watch, that tries to be subtle but just doesn't ever work out well enough. Horror-wise this movie also has little to offer, with the exception of a couple of moments. Overall it's just a below average and forgettable genre movie to watch.

I like Italian horror and Giallo movies, even when the movie itself is being quite simplistic. Then why didn't I like this one? I don't really know, perhaps it was the added humor that damps things down. The humor itself just also wasn't particularly funny or clever in my opinion. The movie its atmosphere was also far too dark, in my opinion. Even the daylight scenes are dark looking and at night you can hardly see what's happening.

Funny thing that this movie stars Rupert Everett, who only became a popular actor in recent years. I wonder how he ever got into this Italian produced movie? Fran├žois Hadji-Lazaro also has a great role in this movie and is perhaps the most likely element about the entire thing.

Really not the great and fun movie I was hoping for.


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