(Review originally written at 30 September 2010)

Here we have a movie about two convicts, that have escaped but are chained together. Even bigger problem is; the one is white and the other one black. Doesn't sound like a big deal but you have to take into consideration that this is a '50's movie, that is being set in the south.

So the movie has a real simple basic main premise but it gets executed in about the best way thinkable. It's a movie that deals with lots of issues and above all things obviously racism but it above all things also really is one great character movie.

This is a movie that required lots of great acting from its actors. They had to make the story and characters work out believable but also needed to have the capability to deliver the movie its great, often long, monologues. And the acting was really what made this movie work out so well for me. It often kept the movie going and was giving it all lots of depth as well. Sidney Poitier was always a great actor in these sort of roles and somehow always managed to help and uplifts his fellow actor's performances. Tony Curtis, who passed away yesterday, was also really great in his role and it earned him his first and only Oscar nomination. This movie also earned Sidney Poitier his first Oscar nomination by the way and the movie got nominated for a lot more, including best picture but it eventually won only two, for its writing and black & white cinematography.

it's an heavy movie with its subject but luckily the movie overall remains quite entertaining to watch as well. There is some relieving humor and some adventurous aspects about the entire movie. The movie manages to create a great balance between it's more serious message and to keep its viewers entertained. Nevertheless, the movie still tends to get a bit overlong in parts, mostly only toward its ending, which makes this movie feel longer than it in fact really is.

A great and also enjoyable character movie, that is dealing with some serious- and at its time also relevant subjects.


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