(Review originally written at 30 July 2008)

This movie was way too formulaic for me to enjoy. It's a very standard thriller by the numbers, that basically doesn't feature anything new or surprising and is one that is like hundred of other genres movies, especially like those made around the same time period.

The movie is not just bad because it's so formulaic, it perhaps is even more due to the fact that the story is just so predictable. Seriously, the big twist? Who didn't see that one coming? It's no surprise, it's predictable and you just wait for it to happen. The movie often also gets quite ridicules. The 'villain' of the movie is basically the worst conman ever. He makes some gigantic mistakes and just does things that make no sense what so ever for the movie its story. Some sequences are obviously put in there to make him look evil but its so pointless all and adds nothing to the story. The movie also made me think like; 'Why didn't the Goldie Hawn character just called, or had gone to the police'. Seriously, there were several occasions in the movie that she could had easily convinced the police of her findings but instead she puts herself and her little daughter needlessly in danger.

It's not like this movie is completely horrible or anything but for a genre piece it isn't anything special enough. It's the reason why you're still better off not watching this movie, even though you most likely won't be bored when you still do so. Even though the story is just bad and filled with way too many questions and plot holes, it's still a fast moving one. The movie feels much shorter than it in fact truly is.

And yes, Goldie Hawn is a good actress but to she seemed out of place in this movie. She of course also isn't helped much by the movie its lacking script. She's just too naive at times and for no reason very cold and distant to the people she herself went to for help, to unravel the movie its 'big and shocking' mystery. The movie just doesn't always make you like her, or care about her character enough. The movie would had also been better of if they didn't cast John Heard. Not that he's a bad actor but it would had made the story perhaps a bit more surprising and at least not as predictable as it is now, if they had cast a more unknown name for the role. Besides, John Heard is a sort of actor that often seems to play the same type of roles in movies and also his looks never seem to change, not even now when he's getting older.

Perhaps only watchable once but even then it's a forgettable one.


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