(Review originally written at 5 July 2009)

"Death Wish" was a movie with a purpose. It wasn't just an action movie, with as much blood and violence in it as possible. It was actually a movie with a deep story, that made you feel for the main character and didn't tried to glorify anything. It was a simple movie but yet it also was so much more than just a revenge flick. It was movie that actually made you think.

This rather late sequel to the 1974 classic is basically the opposite of its predecessor. It's very little involving and basically the movie is purely about getting revenge, after Bronson his character's daughter and housekeeper get killed by a couple of punks.

Despite these horrible events, the movie remains shockingly distant and empty with its emotions. The character of Bronson seems to be very little effective by the death of his traumatized young sweet daughter. He just keeps joking and fooling around with his girlfriend, which all makes the revenge plot very hard to get involved with really.

It all makes "Death Wish II" a very little interesting and also little original action movie from the early '80's. Charles Bronson still gives the movie some certain flair and a little bit of extra but it still remains a far from perfect sequel. Perhaps its best to stick to the original and forget about all of these sequels that got made (four in total).

The movie still manages to create a good atmosphere, though Los Angeles certainly ain't no New York City. Still the movie has a bit of an '70's atmosphere over it, which is a good thing. It certainly ain't as generic looking as other '80's action-flicks do.

Nevertheless I would far from recommend "Death Wish II". It basically lacks about everything that made the first movie still such a great and original one to watch.


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